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The Legend

Some time ago, there was a prosperous and civilized culture living on the legendary island of Rapa Nui, which now belongs to Easter Island. They were guided by the Makemake - an ancient god who helped them build the statues of Moai and imbued them with the spirit of Mana, who blessed the Rapa Nui islanders with bravery, strength, prosperity, peace, and protection through its resting eyes.
The Moais are divided into five tribes, representing the natural elements - the Aaren representing earth, the Aegle representing light, the Agni representing fire, the Aqua representing water, and the Adina representing air.

Moai NFTs

Be part of a rich and historical collection while immersing in the legendary game world.
NFT collectibles
Unique NFT collectibles for users to unlock exclusive features
Consumption NFT
Own an NFT to explore the Moai game world and enjoy exciting gameplay


Join the fully on-chain Moai game world.
Depths of Water
Tempest of Air
Inferno of Fire
Radiance of Light
Echoes of Earth

First Moai creators

Senior Artist
Tech Leader
Nau Nau
Music & Audio
Blockchain Lead
VFX & Animation
Te Pito Kura
Ko Te Riku
Hanga Tetenga
Art Lead
Project Manager
QA/QC Leader


The $MOAI powers the Moai ecosystem's blockchain-based game world. It facilitates game participation, adoption, and advanced features while incentivizing players who contribute to the community with $MOAI.

Moai adventure

Airdrop, KOLs Networking, Game Release, Staking & Trading Rewards, TGE
Community Development
SDK to enable the creation/integration of existing games that can operate entirely on-chain
On-chain Game World
Community-building, Blockchain & Infrastructure Development, Game & NFT Development, TGE preparation
Product Development
DAO Governance, Game World Development, NFT Collection and Storytelling
Ecosystem Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

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7. What is the rarity system for Moai NFTs and how does it affect game world experience?
8. What is Moai Game World?
9. How can users contribute to the development of Moai?
1. What is Moai?
A fully on-chain game world where you can collect "Moai NFTs" and unlock the ancient powers of the Moai statues.
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